TX 16

The Facilis TX 16 is a 16-drive enclosure that can be used as capacity expansion for any TerraBlock 24D, or as direct-attached RAID for 24D or 24EX systems. The TX16 delivers the same ultra-high performance, quality workmanship and support as the TerraBlock.
Key Features

    Expand a single TerraBlock 24D drive set up to 224TB for a fraction of the cost of traditional server-based expansion. External expansion is enabled through the TX16 SAS Expander for additional online virtual volume storage.

    When using the ATTO R680 SAS controller in the DAS option, the TX16 can be formatted in RAID5 or RAID6 modes and used as local-attached storage or TerraBlock expansion storage. If used as Direct-attached TerraBlock expansion storage, the TX16 can be shared out through the Facilis Shared File System as a Multi-user Write volume, opening up possibilities for offload and backup from the client desktops.
TX16 – 32 TB
Storage Type Fully PopulatedTerraBlock 24D Expansion
Capacity Options 32TB; 48TB; 64TB
Connectivity 6Gb SAS to Server
2K DPX 1×24 fps
RED EPIC 5K 1×24 fps
ARRI RAW 2×24 fps
1:1 HD 1080i 2×25 fps
330 Mb 444 HD 8×25 fps
185 Mb 1080i HD 10×25 fps
120 Mb 1080i HD 14×25 fps
36 Mb 1080i HD 28×25 fps