TerraBlock Hybrid24, 24D, 24EX

TerraBlock is an industry-leading shared storage system dedicated to post-production and content creation workflows. The Facilis Shared File System included with every TerraBlock easily accommodates the most complex multi-platform environments and enables collaboration among diverse applications and image formats. With TerraBlock, DO IT ALL - From 4K film color grading to HDV craft editorial, TerraBlock provides the performance to get the job done.

Key Features
  • Ultra-High Performance SSD/HDD Systems

    Multi-stream 4K UHD or 4K DPX finishing concurrent with highbandwidth collaborative editorial on a single enclosure. Mirror SSD data to HDD for cost-effective data protection, and migrate data at incredible speeds between drive groups and servers.
  • Selectable Data Sharing Methods

    Through software, choose whether each virtual volume is designated as file-level for total collaboration or volume-level for ultra-high performance data sharing.
  • Entry-Level Turnkey Server

    The 8D is the first TerraBlock server to offer high capacity in a cost-effective, turn-key solution that delivers the same workflow enabling features as the high-end 5u servers.
  • Integrated Nearline & Backup

    Back-up, replicate and mirror through SyncBlock right from the server desktop. Utilize RAID6 nearline storage through the Facilis Shared File System, and schedule project back-ups to LTO and ftp or cloud services.
  • FastTracker Integrated Asset Tracking

    Create custom catalogs, assign permissions and add metadata into a fully searchable database with FFMPEG codec library, drag and drop application import and integrated preview player.
  • No Per-Seat Licenses or 3rd Party Fees

    While most shared storage system providers charge you for expanding your client count, Facilis allows you to connect TerraBlock to up to 250 Fibre Channel and Ethernet clients with no additional license or support costs.
  • Multi-Platform Shared File System

    Apple OSX, Windows and Linux workstations access the same writable volume without 3rd party software or per seat licensing, external metadata controllers or complex networking.
  • Cascading Volume Expansion

    Easily add capacity while maintaining volume structure with cascading volumes, Grow existing volumes into new drive groups, SAS expansion units or other TerraBlock servers.
  • 8/16Gbit Fibre Channel & 1/10/40Gbit Ethernet

    Choose the speed of access to your video and audio files with multiple methods of connectivity to suit your bandwidth needs and budget. Clients connect directly to the server or through a switch.
  • DynaRAID Data Protection

    TerraBlock delivers the most efficient data protection at 9% overhead for RAID5. Protection type is selectable per-volume and can be changed on the fly.
  • Unity-Style Avid Project & Media Sharing

    Native, application-level Avid Unity-Style Media Composer project sharing as well as interactive Adobe Premiere project sharing through the Facilis Project Manager.
  • Virtual Volume Workflow and Performance

    Virtual volumes offer dynamic volume creation, expansion and allocation, as well as tolerance to fragmentation and speed degradation. Maintain 100% performance even at 100% full.
TerraBlock Hybrid24 TerraBlock 24D TerraBlock 24EX/16 TerraBlock 24EX/12 TerraBlock 24EX/8
Storage Type Fully Populated Hybrid Shared Storage Fully Populated Shared Storage Expandable Shared Storage Expandable Shared Storage Expandable Shared Storage
Capacity Options 136TB, 144TB 96TB, 192TB 64TB, 128TB 48TB, 96TB 32TB
Connectivity 8/16Gb Fibre; 1/10/40Gb Ethernet 8/16Gb Fibre; 1/10/40Gb Ethernet 8/16Gb Fibre; 1/10/40Gb Ethernet 8/16Gb Fibre; 1/10/40Gb Ethernet 8/16Gb Fibre; 1/10/40Gb Ethernet
4K 2160p DPX 6400Mbps 2 x 24p** 1 x 24p 1 x 24p
RED 6K HD 7:1 900Mbps 15 x 24p* 10 x 24p 8 x 24p 5 x 24p 4 x 24p
UHD DNxHR HQ 712Mbps 18 x 24p* 11 x 24p 7 x 24p 6 x 24p 5 x 24p
XAVC 2160p 4K 500Mbps 25 x 50p* 12 x 50p 10 x 50p 8 x 50p 6 x 50p
Pro Res HD 4444 275Mbps 45 x 25i* 22 x 25i 18 x 25i 15 x 25i 10 x 25i
Pro Res/DNxHD 120Mbps 90 x 25i* 41 x 25i 18 x 25i 15 x 25i 10 x 25i
XDCAM HD422 50Mbps 200 x 25i* 74 x 25i 48 x 25i 42 x 25i 28 x 25i

Stream counts are based on Multi-user Write RAID5 Virtual Volumes at 100% full. TerraBlock’s virtualization maintains full stream count even at full capacity and at high levels of fragmentation. TerraBlock supports a diverse array of workflows, from 4K DPX color grading to low-bitrate  editorial for web broadcast. Your connectivity choice is based on your workflow requirements, not the architecture of the storage. 1Gb Ethernet clients collaborate with 16Gb Fibre Channel clients on the same writable volumes, at a fraction of the cost. Share the Performance - TerraBlock.

** SSD-based volumes only

* Aggregate SSD and HDD drive sets



TerraBlock 24EX or 24D Server

4-way Team to a 1Gb Switch with 1Gb Clients and 10Gb Ethernet Direct-Attached Clients

TerraBlock 24Ex/16 or 24D with TX16 Drive Set Expansion

4-way Team to a 1Gb Switch with 1Gb Clients, 10Gb Ethernet and 8/16Gb Fibre Channel Direct-Attached Clients

TerraBlock 24D, TX16 Drive Set Expansion, SyncBlock Nearline and LTO Archive Library

4-way Team to a 1Gb Switch with 1Gb Clients, 10Gb Ethernet Clients on a 40Gb Switch and 8/16Gb Fibre Channel Clients on a 16Gb Switch